Release of Starr Hill’s “Monticello Reserve Ale” on Presidents’ Day!

Left is Chris from Arcady, right Mark Thompson from Starr Hill Brewery

We visit Starr Hill all the time with our hybrid brewery/winery tours and have been so impressed with the vast knowledge of Brewmaster Mark Thompson. Not only does he brew a mean beer, but if you ever get a chance to chat with this busy fellow you will learn all kinds of interesting facts as to the history of beer in America.

For instance, did you know that as wine was an expensive import in early America, Thomas Jefferson drank beer with dinner? It was brewed at Monticello, while wine was enjoyed as an after-dinner beverage!

Yesterday, on Presidents’ Day, Chris went over to Monticello (all in the name of research, natch) to taste the release of the new Monticello Reserve Ale seen here in Mark’s hand which is the result of a team effort of Starr Hill Brewery and Monticello. It will be Monticello’s signature beer and was created by carefully studying what kind of beer was created at Monticello during Jefferson’s time.

More information can be seen at Starr Hill’s blog on this tasty new treat!!

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